Wellness and care for the whole body
In our daily life, taking care of the body is very important but it is not always manageable. Therefore we at Walter’s PFLEGEHAND® have developed an elaborate system which makes the daily body care a lot easier for you. Now you are able to wash your body and apply lotion without foreign help.

For that purpose, you can choose aesthetically pleasing and formfitting universal wooden handles according to your needs. These handles can be ordered in different sizes (16.54 to 22.44 in long) and the special ‘curve form’. All handles are treated with Bio-Natur-Hartöl to ensure their water-resistance and keep the aturalness of the surface.
This “extended arm” allows the trouble-free chievement of all body parts, especially the back.

However, the chief attraction is the convenient changing system:
using velcro fastening, all nursing components can easily be switched out and affixed to the universal wooden handles. Another unique feature is the skin-neutral, moisture-proof nursing cushion which are made from a special foil. Walter’s PFLEGEHAND® can be put together according to your wishes.

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