Body brush set,
4 pcs.


Universal handle 16.54 in long, nursing cushion, sponge, brush

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The total body care program base: each single component is attached via Velcro strapping to the long handle made of high quality beech wood.

  • 16.54 in long handle has been treated with organic wood oil
  • latex free lotion applicator cushion
  • soft sponge and great for massages
  • body brush with nylon bristles

Be good to your body and soul. Not always as easy done as it is said if you have physical hindrances. Improve your sense of independence and your well-being with the innovative body brush set from “Walter’s Pflegehand” (lit. “caring hand”)!

The long wooden handle lets you reach all parts of your body but the real highlight of this brush is the interchangeable system!
Velcro straps make it easy as pie to change the brushes.

This 4 piece set contains a wooden universal pole (42 cm – 16.54 in), the latex free care cushion, a massage sponge and a care brush.
The handle is made of high quality beech wood and has been treated with an organic natural tree oil.
To clean each of the single components, please remove these from the handle and rinse them thoroughly under warm running water.
Lay them out on a towel to dry and you are all done.

To make the most of your body care, we offer you a foot and toe cleaner, a pumice abrader and a mirror here in our shop.
Aside from the pole included in this set, you may also order an even longer one (57 cm – 22.44 in) and a practical wall fixture to hang everything up.

This body care set brings the fun back into your personal body care program!

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