Foot /Toe cleaner


including 2 x washing/lotion cover, 2 x drying cover

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Care for your feet, especially in between your toes, in a simple manner:
Simply place the proper cap onto this foot and toe cleaner and then attach it to the universal handle number 1509556.

Imagine washing, drying and applying lotion between your toes without having to bend over! Wouldn’t that be grand?
It can happen, thanks to this foot and toe wash component for the universal wooden handle.
You simply slip the wash/lotion cloth on top of the foam on the wooden handle (curved or straight, each sold separately) if you want to wash your feet or apply lotion.
The white drying cap is to dry the area between your toes.

To clean these components, all you must do is remove all parts from the wooden handle and rinse these thoroughly under hot running water and then lay them on a towel to dry.
This foot and toe wash set includes 2 washing/lotion caps and two white drying caps.

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