This beautiful mirror fits on the universal handle number 1509556
and allows you to properly check and control all areas of your body.

SKU: 4120310


  • Made of real glass
  • Set inside a wooden plate

Are your eyes really everywhere?
In the tub or shower or when you get out, this mirror, in combination with the universal handle is a great accessory to let you see all of those areas on your body that may not be so openly visible.
Regular controls of your feet and intimate parts should be made. This is very important, especially if you are a diabetic, or if you have a tendency to mycosis.
The mirror is a single component from “Walter’s Pflegehand” (lit. “caring hand”) and is attached to the handle (curved or straight, each sold separately) with a Velcro strap.

To clean it, just remove it from the handle again and use a bit of glass cleaner.
The mirror is made of glass and is fitted in a wooden frame that matches the handle wonderfully. The mirror can be, as can all the other elements, hung on the wall fixture, which may also be ordered here in our shop.
With this handy fixture, you’ll have everything neatly, “at a glance”. It doesn’t get more practical than this.

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Weight ,140 kg